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          Hedgehog Central

          OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED Hedgehog Approved WebsiteTiredof conflicting and fractured information? Hedgehog Central is your one-stopsource for just about anything you could ever want to know about pet hedgehogs.Owned and maintained by the founders of the hedgehog hobby, Hedgehog Central hasbeen providing hedgehog owners with clear and reliable information andassistance since 1994. We aren't here to make money or claim fame. We're here,just as we have been from the very beginning, to help you make informeddecisions regarding the proper care of hedgehogs.

          Hedgehog Breeders
          Trying to find a pet hedgehog?  Can't find hedgehogs in your area?  Check out our comprehensive and regularly updated list of hedgehog breeders and available hedgehogs in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.>>learn more

          Hedgehog Puzzles!
          Give our puzzles a try!  We have a selection of challenging puzzles photos, all with hedgehogs - you set the difficulty.  Time yourself or just have fun  >> Learn more

          Hedgehog Photo Gallery!
          Be sure to check out our photo gallery!  Join for FREE and create your own gallery for others to see.  Starting in February we will be having a monthly PHOTO CONTEST !  Learn how to take great photos of your favorite hedgehogs and have fun at the same time!   >> Learn more

          Simple Hedgehog Facts
          All of your basic questions about hedgehogs are answered in this easy-to-follow fact sheet  >> Learn more

          Check out our all-new features! Try the puzzles,the downloads, the photo gallery,or chat with other owners and breeders in the forum and mail-list.
          If you can't find it here, just ask. We're adding new things all the time.


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